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Customers in the vast array of products often decide to purchase only within the same trade. The decision may have facilitated and speeded up by focusing attention on a particular product or brand. By using POS stands products enable effective communication with consumers.

We offer a wide selection of POS stands to be the first level, distinguished by the choice of material:

in the second level is the standard POS racks and racks made according to customer's needs.

Particularly interesting are the racks and POS products whome are manufactured by the client. Simply leaves the imagination free rein. Outstanding creative creativity (designers design) in harmony with ingeneers and technologies, who create new "dimensions" on POS stands.
You catch attention from the streets, keep your loyal customers and also acquire new ones.

A range of POS products in stands has been completed. You may extend beyond the POS products such as:

- floor stands
- desk stands and holders
- shelf-units / shelftrays
- Silosi / Totems
- Dispensers, etc...
When you entrust to us your desire, we can propose individual solutions both in form stands, choice of material, depending on load capacity and a wide range of graphic additions.



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