Merchandising MERCHANDISING                                                                                                           

In stores, the product range is very extensive. Buyers attracted by several factors, which focus their attention on the products.It is becoming increasingly important distribution, visibility, availability and ordering product / brand on the shelves and in the trade as a whole.

Merchandising is an important activity that draws the attention of the buyer on the product or brand. Results merchandising activities are reflected in customer satisfaction when shopping, as a consequence of loyalty to the store, brands, and ultimately in increased sales.
Editors commodity groups and categories:
Progressive pusher (... more about the progressive pusher), the ventricles, shelf units and rack markings allow retailers and manufacturers to organizing products on the shelves. Products became visible, and store is regulated. Using sections, progressive pushers and tools for editing products on sale - merchandising, strongly contribute to sales success. Despite the variety of heights of shelves-(levels) the use of progressive pushers, complete visibility of products and products are more available to the customers. Use of merchandising devices does not only contribute to increasing product visibility, but also to quicker decision of a buyer, long-term also significantly facilitate the work of traders. Recharging or replacement of items is faster. Progressive pushers allow us less loss of time to regulate and control products on the shelves. The cost of maintenance of the shelfs is significantly reduced, while an 100% ongoing visibility and organisation of products, as well.  Finally, the products are separated from the competition and that is what we won`t.



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